The Burn Within

C. W. Strattonfire-heart-961194_1920

The moments come and go.  The sheer desire to recapture some of those moments, because many of them were opportunities, can have such a negative impact on our moving forward in our course of life.  The aspect of remaining with the status quo, in many instances, is the reason we allow opportunities to pass by.  Is this about fear?  Is it about the concern of what others will think?  Or, can it be that deep down you may not truly believe you deserve something better that what you currently have?  Possibly, it can be something other than what was mentioned.  When it’s all said and done, you will know the true reason for missed opportunities; not the excuses you may relay to others.

Conditioning is the idea of training or accustoming a person to behave in a certain way. Many of us have been conditioned to behave and respond to certain things in a particular way.  For the more open-minded individual, assessing your life experiences and closely looking at your responses to new things that may arise in your life, is critical. When something different or new arises, is the response “oh this is new, I’m very interested in this”.  Or, is the new thing or situation scrutinized and dissected before it’s really investigated?  Not to mention if others are initially scrutinizing the new thing, many of us will fall in line with the same scrutinizing response.  This is the in-group/out-group idea.  Many of us would prefer to be a part of the group opposed to outside the group; even if you don’t internally agree with the consensus.  Some will tolerate the burn within the soul to remain with the group.  What is this about?

There was a time when making a decision on my own, or having an independent thought, despite what the majority said, was the most frightening thing.  We ultimately take stock in what others think, despite what we tend to say verbally. However, is it good stock or bad stock?  Learning to hear the positive messages takes a level of mindfulness and determination if you are to fulfill those innate passions in life.  The whole idea of being alone with making a decision or having an independent voice about a given subject can be intimidating for some.  To relay your truth and have your voice heard requires risk.  Risks have been taken by some of the most productive and inspiring people. Wouldn’t you like to be productive and inspiring?

The fear can’t be allowed to restrict you from your goals in life. You are a person with individual thoughts and feelings. Have you ever been in a situation when a group that you were a part of were making a decision about something and you didn’t agree with the decision, but you didn’t speak up to present the idea you had, and the outcome wasn’t good?  What did you tell yourself?  Did you tell anyone the idea you had?  This is something that occurs regularly, and the result is regret and resentment towards self. Remember there are some places we just don’t fit in, because they are too small for us.

It’s time to recondition the mind and get rid of the box that has been built around you. It’s not just about thinking outside the box, because that’s only for a moment; the box must be destroyed.

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