Motivation and Discipline

By C. W. Stratton

Motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.  Acknowledging this definition of motivation is simple.  However, acquiring and maintaining motivation can be challenging for many.  The acts we perform on a daily basis is for the purpose of obtaining a particular outcome.  Given it be our employment, exercise, reading, writing, meditating or some other activity you may engage in, you are seeking results or a particular outcome.  Each individual has different levels of motivation.  Some motivation may be impacted due to a mental disorder of some other form of disability.  However, there are a number of people who do not know the starting point of obtaining motivation.  Yes, we start many projects in our lives and we’ve left behind many unfinished ones as well.  Initially, we are excited and eager but soon the abyss creeps up on us.  We are no longer have positive self-talk about our project and we quickly talk ourselves out of following through.  This may not be due to our idea being lame or stupid, this may just be the manifestation of the lack of motivation.   The thought of a finished project is always at the forefront but we must re-evaluate our thought process and realize the steps that are required in competing a given task.  This may seem overwhelming but taking small steps and addressing a particular area at a time is critical to our motivation.  Many years ago, a question was asked of me that seemed ridiculous at the time: How do you eat an elephant?  ONE BITE AT A TIME.  This is true in completing certain tasks and projects; one step at a time.  When we break things down in steps we have a more likelihood of completing the task.  Utilizing time management and even dedicating a particular time of day to work on the steps you’ve identified is quite helpful as well.  This is where discipline is incorporated.  There will be those days where you just want to lay down, watch television, or play on your phone or computer.  We must make the sincere effort in maintaining the schedule and task you have developed.  We waist countless minutes and hours in a day doing meaningless things, whereas we can dedicate that time in doing the one thing we say we enjoy or would like to accomplish.  Continuing with the steps you have laid for yourself will increase motivation and discipline will surface during that time as well.

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